Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extremely late start!

Embarrassingly so, I have finally had a chance to make a contribution to my blog.
Due to many reasons (excuses?) such as moving house - becoming very sick from moving house, work/having to catch up on work from being sick and traveling to Perth to visit my family, I am finally finding the time in my holidays to put this blog in to action!

Being naturally a computer savvy person, I find it hard to admit I actually have found the moodle pilot difficult to navigate and hard to understand.

I think this stems from my natural understanding of conventional learning platforms so any kind of new concept and more "casual" learning styles are being rejected from my train of thought (my thoughts: THIS IS NOT WHAT LEARNING IS!!).

So instead of sitting around and dwelling in a shell of ignorance, it is time to open my mind and let the pedagogy's seep in...

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