Friday, August 21, 2009


Wikis are websites that allowed information to be linked within each other and edited to collaborate information to use as an encyclopaedia, they are often used by organisations to create intranet and knowledge management systems. Wikipedia is one of the best known Wikis (Wikipedia 2009).

Sites such as Wetpaint (2009) are free Wiki based sites which serve as a social forum that combine blog features and Wiki features.

Wikis are designed so that all users within the wiki page have access to update information, edit information, or add more pages, such as Wikipedia allowing all users to be able to edit the pages of the encyclopaedia (and why it is not considered to be an academic resource).

Wikis would be of great use to schools, where students would be working on group projects. They would all be joined to the one forum, and be able to update and add information, while commenting on the forums and providing feedback to one another.


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