Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflective Synopsis

The journey I have taken through e. learning has shown me just how little I knew about the world of ICT's. At the beginning of my professional blog, I considered myself knowledgeable when it comes to anything to do with computers. I now realise that being competent at operating computers, and the graphic and web design that I enjoy is only a small part of what is to offer.

It was difficult for me to adjust to the concept of a few of the ICT's I studied. I had no idea what VoiceThread, RSS or Podcasts were. It was interesting to learn about them, and I am sure that in my future studies and career I will use them as they are helpful.

There are many valuable ICT tools which I have covered in my blog, I believe the most valued to myself would be LMS, as it is designed to support learning and hold courses. As ICT's are taking the world by storm, many distant learners are relying upon technology to support their studies. LMS is a great platform for educational institutes to work with.

Following other learners blogs, I found it interesting to see the ideas they came up with. Kasey had interesting points on using music from the web in classrooms, and I was really interested in learning that Carissa is in highschool studying through the SUN program, just proof of another inventive learning experience that schools are implementing!

By following other learners blogs, I found it easier to keep with mine, as I felt that support was being offered and encouraged by their regular updates.

I received little comment on my blogs, however ayura, a teacher, commented on my posts concerning RSS and WebQuest, giving me the views of an educator and where they had implimented these ICT's before!

Studying e. learning has given me insight to what is on offer to educational institutes currently and what is in store for the future. It is amazing how much the internet has evolved in the space of a few years, and all the new ideas that are being implemented in to our schooling systems!

ICT's are shaping the way of our future, and giving many disadvantaged students an advantage to succeed.

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