Tuesday, August 18, 2009


WebQuests are an interesting tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. Working on the basis of being inquiry orientated, students research questions to draw out information on a topic that has been presented to them. This saves time by avoiding having to view numerous sites to find specific information, as the information constructed in WebQuests have been designed by teachers, being designed to be seen by the views and perceptions of students.

WebQuest Direct (2009) describes WebQuests as 'activities, using Internet resources, which encourage students to use higher order thinking skills to solve a real messy problem. WebQuests are a sub-set of Problem-Based Learning (PBL).'

The idea is for information to be made readily availabe to give the student more time to critically analyse and evaluate the topics they are being presented.

Read this page about Learning Quests suggested by WebQuests Direct (2009) to gain a greater understanding of how WebQuests are a great tool for learning using the web.


WebQuest Direct (2009), 'What is a WebQuest?', viewed 18 August 2009, http://www.webquestdirect.com.au/whatis_awq.asp


  1. web quest helped a lot manyof my students solving their queries
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  2. I wish I had have known about it when I was in school!

    I think it would help many students who haven't had much experience researching in accessing information quickly, helping to lower frustration levels and keeping them interested in their studies.