Friday, August 21, 2009


Using music from the web can be a tricky business. Users must ensure that they are using music that has not been copyrighted. Copyright music restricts the act of reproducing, or playing without a license or permission.

Sites such as Incompetech (2009) offer original music, that they have uploaded for general use by the public. The music is safe to be put on websites or used in classes as educational tools, as it has no copyright restrictions, being kept under the Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 license.

Music is a great stimulation for learners, often getting them into the mood for learning, helping them think and become active. Teachers could use music within the classroom to help students become relaxed, or get into the "mood" of a subject.

Background music is often very engaging during speeches or power point presentations as well, helping students stay focused.

Teachers need to be careful in what music they pick, as some may offend students, or disengage them completely.


Incompetech 2009, 'Royalty-Free Music Licenses', viewed 21 August 2009,

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