Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Static websites are a basic web site which are easy and affordable to make. They hold the same information presented to all users to download.

The most basic form of websites, static websites hold content that rarely needs to be updated or added on to (Show The world 2009).

This would be a great tool for schools to use as basic web projects. Students could be assigned a topic which they must create a page for. For a basic assignment for middle school students, they could be asked to research an animal and create a page. The welcoming page could be a brief description of the animal, then have linked content pages for information on habitat, life style, life span and species in the family. This would be a good example of a static page as it is set information which would not need to be updated, and would present itself the same to anyone who viewed it.

Business Systems Online (2009) offers static website development and state that

A dynamic website is useful when you are looking for a site that can perform a number of functions. These sites create more of an interactive experience. A dynamic site is powered by a website management system, bringing all the content together and allowing you to change the content as you need. A dynamic website also allows you to change one aspect of your site, for example, the design without having to re-enter all the other data.

A static website on the other hand just sits there passively. The functionality of this type of site is not as diverse as a dynamic site and any changes that you need made needs to be done by us. A static website works mainly as an online brochure, making you visible on the internet. This can be a starting option for businesses that aren’t at a stage where a dynamic site is affordable for them. In the past we have done a number of these sites for ‘contact us’ pages, which was all that was necessary for it to serve its purpose.

Comparing static websites to dynamic websites shows that static websites are designed for viewing and hold very little interactive qualities. They are great as information websites. Static websites are valuable tools as educational resources, as they can introduce students to the basics of web design.


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